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How Does Technological Innovation Impact Society?

Innovation impacts society in a large way and in all aspects of the world. Innovation is required to progress forwards, and the reason we...

Merealisasikan Idea Inovatif

Berinovatif memerlukan beberapa kaedah untuk menjana idea seperti dari melakukan ‘brainstorming’ hingga pemetaan minda yang dapat membantu menghasilkan idea berguna. Dalam melalui proses ini, seseorang...

Usahawan Perlu Idea Inovatif Untuk Kembangkan Perniagaan

Usahawan yang berfikiran inovatif mampu mencipta sesuatu yang baharu untuk kebaikan perniagaan Setiap usahawan perlu mempunyai idea-idea yang inovatif untuk membolehkan mereka mencipta sesuatu yang...

Strengthening interpersonal relations at work with positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace is infectious and is therefore important to keep a good interpersonal relation with others Maintaining a positive attitude...

Productivity to remain relevant in today’s competitive environment

The third annual E-Productivity Day and State-level Civil Service Innovation Month virtually on 12th October was held virtually for the first time and was...

Employee Emotional Intelligence and Work Quality Result and Productivity

According to Daniel Goleman in his book Working with Emotional Intelligence (1998), emotional intelligence is a trait that a person needs to succeed in...

The Dangers of Being Overly Optimistic

Having too much optimism in your life can lead you to ignore the reality you are living in While we are encouraged to think positively...

Maintaining a positive attitude during difficult times

Maintaining a positive attitude does not necessarily makes you feel less stressed, but it does help you cope with a negative situation is a...

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