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The State Civil Service and Future Challenges

As Sarawak embarks on its Second Wave of Development through the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) initiative, it is vital for the State...

Professionalism with a Changing Role

"on professionalism with a changing role and the skills for high performing civil service"

Create the Future We Want

Create the Future We Want by Learning to Manage for "Tomorrow"

The Power Of 3

The Power Of 3 In Sarawak’s Second Wave Of Development We, in the Sarawak civil service, have always been guided by YAB Pehin Sri’s exhortation...

Sustaining Quality In The Sarawak Civil Service

Sustaining Quality In The Sarawak Civil Service Today, we have gained significant strides in our quality journey since most of...

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A Reflection of Collective Responsibility in Developing Sarawak

The development of office towers for Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) and Dayak...

Meningkatkan Kemahiran Insaniah

Selain kelayakan akademik, kemahiran insaniah juga tidak kurang penting dalam membina keperibadian yang lebih baik. Dalam konteks...

Adaptable Organisations Resilience and Accepting Change

The world around us is moving at an unprecedented pace where change takes place all around us.

Embracing Changes with Emotional Intelligence

As the digital environment continues to develop at a rapid pace, the rate of the workplace is...