Saturday, November 26, 2022



Rakan Community: Insights – Kampung Sejijag Plaman, Serian Transformation

Due to the efforts of its residents and the assistance of major government agencies, Kampung Sejijag Plaman, Serian has undergone significant improvements over the years, such as new roads, access to clean water and...

Rakan Community: Insights – Kampung Tringgus Bong, Bau Transformation

Kampung Tringgus Bong, Bau was judged underdeveloped even by its own residents 5 years ago, with insufficient facilities such as running water and electricity, but with the support of key government agencies, Kampung Tringgus...

Rakan Community: Insights – Kampung Beliong Transformation

Only accessible through boat and no direct access to the main road, Kampung Beliong is not only remote but they lack basic infrastructure and amenities, but with the help of key government agencies a...

Rakan Community: Insights – Kampung Munggu Kopi Transformation

Kampung Munggu Kopi is more than 61 kilometres away from Kuching City and just about 15 kilometres away from developed Serian town. Home to over 400 people, Kampung Munggu Kopi was deemed underdeveloped as...

Rakan Community: Insights – Kampung Sebandi Hulu Transformation

Kampung Sebandi Hulu was originally located in Lubok Antu, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the residence of Kampung Sebandi had no choice to relocate. This is their story.
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