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Sarawak mempunyai potensi berskala dunia bagi penyimpanan karbon dioksida, dianggarkan sekitar 9 bilion tan.

Sarawak Taps Rich Historical And Archaeological Heritage Of Santubong

Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry & Performing Arts, in collaboration with the Sarawak Museum Department has proposed creating an archaeological park along the Santubong Peninsula where five historical sites that provide an insight into its early history and what life was like in Santubong as far back as the 7th century are located.

Bau’s Promising Potential for Community Tourism

Bau is home to numerous tourist and cultural hotspots. Over the years, it has shown great potential in becoming a tourism spot due to its natural landscape and interesting historical background.

In Numbers: JKR Development Projects in Sarawak

A statistical overview of infrastructure development projects in Sarawak under the purview of JKR for 2022, as well as the 12th Malaysia Plan.

Beyond Leisure Tourism: Revitalising Sarawak’s Tourism Industry

The tourism industry has been a key contributor to Sarawak’s socio-economic growth, particularly over the past decade.

JPJ’s Continuous Service Digitalisation and Expansion

Through various initiatives, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) is modernising its services through digital technology and boosting its accessibility to the public, whether in urban or rural areas.

Quality Social Services for the People

The provision of social services is the nation’s obligation to its people and it should be carried out with the objective of meeting the needs of all segments of the society.

Data and Innovation Remain Vital in Sarawak’s Digitalisation

Sarawak will innovate using data to increase productivity, develop high value products, improve safety and environmental conservation

Pasukan Pengawal Pantai Sarawak

Penubuhan SCG dimaktubkan mengikut pindaan Ordinan Perikanan Negeri (2003) untuk mengurus industri perikanan pantai dan sungai di Sarawak dengan lebih baik manakala mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan, sungai dan penangkapan ikan di Sarawak berada di bawah kuasa kerajaan negeri.

Protecting Sarawak’s Critical Information Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats

Protecting the Sarawak Critical Information Infrastructure is important as it may affects various sectors and industries. Without protection, sectors such energy, agriculture, logistics and transportation, public and welfare services, telecommunication, water treatment, eCommerce and many more are vulnerable to attacks.

History of Local Government Administration in Sarawak

An overview of the development of local government administration in Sarawak – from the Brooke era to the present.

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