Development Projects in Bintulu Division by JKR


The proposed bridge over Batang Kemena (Sebauh) was one of the ongoing development projects by JKR in the Bintulu Divison that was highlighted during the visit.  

With a cost of RM89,779,694.48, the project which started in 25th January 2019 is estimated to be completed on 29th December 2022.

Before the construction, the public uses ferry services to travel in the area. However, upon completion, the publics will be able to enjoy a less travel time as they do not need to wait at the ferry points.

At the time of writing, it was informed that the Kemena Bridge is facing delay due to weather factor, land issue as well as the implementation of the movement control order (MCO).

The scope of work for the project includes;

  • Construction of a 730 meters Balanced Cantilever Bridge
  • Construction of a 1.60KM (approximately) 2 lane single carriageway road of JKR R3 road standard.
  • Construction for five (5) numbers of culverts
  • M&E Works: Navigational light

(Source: JKR Northern Regional Office)

Other projects that are implemented by JKR includes

  1. Construction and completion of the proposed Jalan Kampung Sebauh to Kampung Sebauh Hilir
  2. Proposed renovation and extension work to existing district office on Lot 468 Sebauh (completed project)
  1. Proposed construction work for Bintulu new administration building at Jepak, on Lot 101, Block 36, Kemena Land District
  2. Proposed construction and completion of proposed Bintulu-Jepak Bridge crossing Kuala Kemena

(Source: JKR website)

The work scope for the proposed Jalan Kampung Sebauh to Kampung Sebauh Hilir project includes

  1. construction of approximately 3.5 km premix road R3 standard
  2. construction of two new bridges across Sg. Senan and Sg. Tuwik
  3. construction of five new culvert
Bridge Over Batang Kemena (Sebauh) (Pier 1) (Picture credit: JKR Northen Regional Office)

(Source: JKR website)

The district office had just completed its extension and renovation works to the existing building on 24th April 2021.

The scope of work for the project which cost RM4, 038, 495.00 includes block of extension office, renovation work at existing office and associated external works.

As for the construction for the new building, it was informed that the project is delayed due to the movement control order (MCO) period, soil factor as well as lack of building materials.

Expected to be completed by June 2022, the construction progress of the new building at the time of writing is at 23.88 per cent.

The cost for the new administrative building project is RM117, 916, 161.60.

Aside from this, the Bintulu-Jepak bridge project is also facing delay due to the implementation of MCO following the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the cost of RM466, 679, 497, the Bintulu-Jepak bridge construction which started in April 2019 is expected to complete in April 2023.

The project involves a construction of 3.5 kilometres R5 standard road, including the 1.2 kilometres bridge.

The cable-stayed bridge is equipped with 494.2m of cables, drainage structures and decorated with decorative and landscaping lighting systems.

Upon completion, it will be able to shorten the journey from Bintulu Airport to Bintulu city.

In addition, the bridge will bring development into the Jepak area as well as improving the socio-economic status of the people here.

It will also be a catalyst for investment from 150,000 locals for Tanjung Kidurong and Samalaju Industrial Park.

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