Dana IP 2.0: Driving Innovation and Economic Growth Through IP Protection


Intellectual Property Filing Fund 2.0 (Dana IP 2.0) under the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) was introduced in 2022 to ease the burden and process of filing intellectual property for Malaysians from that year to 2025.

A programme under the 12th Malaysia Plan, the funding grant followed its first iteration for the 2016-2020 period, where an allocation of RM2.5 million had helped 1,465 entrepreneurs.

It is created to drive innovation and boost the number of intellectual property filing among Malaysians, be they entrepreneurs, government agencies, local communities or even students.

Patent or utility innovation is one of the IP components covered under Dana IP 2.0. Photo by Wallce Chuck on Pexels

This in turn will not only enhance their competitiveness through the protection of their intellectual properties, but also help support the country’s socio-economic progress.

For this year (2023), Dana IP 2.0 amounts to RM2 million and is expected to benefit 2,000 micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

It is open for application from January to 31 October, which can be done online at https://tinyurl.com/DanaIP2bagiTahun2023 or manually at the nearest MyIPO branch.

Dana IP 2.0 is part of efforts by the Malaysian Government through MyIPO to promote the importance of protecting intellectual properties for Malaysians. Photo from MyIPO Sarawak Facebook page

Successful applicants will be able to utilise funds under the programme, which cover costs such as official fees to file an intellectual property application at MyIPO, as well as professional fees for patent searching and patent drafting.

For more information, visit https://www.myipo.gov.my/en/intellectual-property-filing-fund-dana-ip-2-0/.

Who is Eligible for Dana IP 2.0?

Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above. They can apply as:

  • Individuals
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) / sole proprietorship / partnership
  • Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK) from ministries / agencies
  • Students of colleges / technical institutes / polytechnics / institutes of higher learning
  • Students of primary / secondary schools (ownership will be in the name of the school)
  • Local communities (for Geographical Indication applications)

Source: https://www.myipo.gov.my/en/intellectual-property-filing-fund-dana-ip-2-0/

Government agencies or ministries who have their own Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK) projects are encouraged to apply for Dana IP 2.0. File photo

What Kind of IP Components Does Dana IP 2.0 Cover?

  • Trademark
  • Patent / Utility Innovation (UI)
  • Industrial design
  • Copyright
  • Geographical Indication (for local communities only)

*Applicants are only allowed ONE application per year

Source: https://www.myipo.gov.my/en/intellectual-property-filing-fund-dana-ip-2-0/

The Sarawak Pepper was registered as a Geographical Indication in 2003. File photo


TrademarkTMA1 Form – Preliminary advice and searchTMA2 Form – Trademark applicationTMA4 Form – Request for expedited substantive examinationScanning fees
Patent / Utility Innovation (UI)Form 1 – Patent application form OR Form 14 – UI application formForm 5 – Request for substantive examinationForm 17 – Appointment of agentForm 22 – Statement for justifying applicant’s rightsProfessional fees for patent searching by agentsProfessional fees for patent drafting by agents
Industrial DesignID1 Form – Industrial design application formID9 Form – Request for amendment of registerPublic searching
CopyrightCR1 Form – Voluntary notification of copyright
Geographical IndicationGIA1 Form – Geographical indication application formGIA7 Form – Publication of acceptance

Source: https://www.myipo.gov.my/en/intellectual-property-filing-fund-dana-ip-2-0/


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