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Six new criteria to end Covid-19 lockdown

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sets six new criteria for governments for ending the corona virus lockdown The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sets six new...

Hygiene and Your Pet

Keep you and your pets healthy by practising good personal and pet hygiene Pet owners can rest assured that their furry friends are less likely...

Kuching Categorised as Covid-19 Red Zone Area

Kuching has been identified as a Covid-19 red zone as it has a high number of cases at 118 The National Security Council (NSC) has...

Tip during Covid-19: Create routines

Parents are recommended to create a flexible but consistent daily routine for their children to help them cope with the MCO situation With the Movement...

Cleaning and disinfecting to prevent spread of COVID-19

Members of the public are advised to take notice of some frequently-touched surface that needs frequent disinfecting Regular cleaning and disinfecting are found to be...

Proper Disposal of Face Masks

Improper disposal of used face masks can impact community health and the environment While we are advised to wear our face masks correctly, it is...

Practicing Social Distancing

Members of the public have been urged to practice social distancing and remain at home Members of the public have been urged to practice social...

Understanding Social Distancing

Social distancing practices include being in public spaces such as playgrounds, where close contacts are likely to occur Around the world, governments are taking strict...

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