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Thursday, 29 February 2024 6:41pm
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Transforming Marudi District into Sarawak’s Notable Destination

Marudi District is experiencing a revitalisation in its socio-economic growth, especially in its tourism sector, thanks to various development projects that have been implemented for the past many years.

Transforming Infrastructure for Sarawak’s Development

Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development 's proactive approach promises a future of progress, prosperity, and improved livelihoods for citizens.

A Holistic Development in Fire Safety and Rescue in Sarawak

A milestone for JBPM Sarawak was the launch of the Mountain Cave Search and Rescue (MOCSAR) team in July 2020 to enhance efficiency in search and rescue operations in Mulu National Park.

The Importance of Sport Infrastructure Development in Sarawak

Aside from health benefits, sport infrastructural investments and developments result in various and long-term impacts, includes social and economic benefits.

Steering Towards a More Competitive Port Sector

To strengthen its port sector, Sarawak is undertaking a few long-term measures, including developing its own port master plan and establishing a centralised port authority.

Prioritizing Connectivity in Sarawak

This article focuses on the initiatives and projects by the Ministry for Infrastructure and Port Development (MIPD) mentioned during the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly (DUN) in November 2022 to provide connectivity in Sarawak through the development of infrastructure.

In Numbers: JKR Development Projects in Sarawak

A statistical overview of infrastructure development projects in Sarawak under the purview of JKR for 2022, as well as the 12th Malaysia Plan.

The Continuing Journey of Water Supply Provision in Sarawak

An overview of long-term measures to achieve 100 per cent water supply coverage in Sarawak, and changes JBALB has undergone to implement its projects more effectively and efficiently.

Meeting the Challenge as a Recognised Technical Department

Now recognised as a government technical department, DID Sarawak is looking to undergo an organisational reform in order to be more capable and effective in delivering its projects to the people.

Infrastructure Growth in Telang Usan District

Since its elevation to a full district in 2015, Telang Usan has experienced various infrastructure development, from a bridge named after a former Chief Minister to housing assistance projects benefiting its rural population.

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