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Thursday, 29 February 2024 6:54pm
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Rural Development

Transforming Infrastructure for Sarawak’s Development

Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development 's proactive approach promises a future of progress, prosperity, and improved livelihoods for citizens.

The Continuing Journey of Water Supply Provision in Sarawak

An overview of long-term measures to achieve 100 per cent water supply coverage in Sarawak, and changes JBALB has undergone to implement its projects more effectively and efficiently.

The Evolution of Rural Transformation in Malaysia

A look at how rural development policies in Malaysia has evolved since its independence, from land development and human capital to sustainable development in rural areas.

Infrastructure Growth in Telang Usan District

Since its elevation to a full district in 2015, Telang Usan has experienced various infrastructure development, from a bridge named after a former Chief Minister to housing assistance projects benefiting its rural population.

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