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Committing to financial investment

Financial management is more that just saving up for rainy days and avoid making a big splurge on something unnecessary. It is also about making...

Effective Governance Boost Efficiency

Good management is, of course, critical for the operation of an organisation. With a good corporate governance framework in place, supported by a healthy corporate...

Developing and Enhancing Community Tourism in Sarawak

Community based tourism (CBT) is a new form of tourism that is managed by the local communities. Everything from decision making, planning, and evaluation...

Kecekapan Mengurus Kewangan Dalam Mengharungi Pandemik Covid-19

Pandemik Covid-19 yang melanda seluruh dunia telah meninggalkan kesan yang amat parah terhadap ekonomi dan sosial masyarakat apabila ramai yang telah kehilangan punca pendapatan...

SDI to Hold Talk on Mental Health During COVID-19

Sarawak Development Institute (SDI) will be organising a virtual public talk on mental health during COVID-19 and ways of coping while adapting to the...