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Adaptability Over Talent

Adaptability in today’s workplace landscape is necessary, as those who aren’t able to adapt to the constant changes in the work environment tend to get left behind for those who can. Being able to adapt to new things is one of the greatest abilities an employee can have. An employee that can adapt to new technology, a different approach to leadership, the changing economy and various other factors is highly sought after.

Talent does matter, as it makes a difference after everything is said and done. Hiring a team full of highly adaptable but untalented workers will get nothing done. The most crucial takeaway here is to find talented people who can also adapt to change, because change happens constantly. When people learn new things or new ways of doing things, their skillset becomes more valuable. Talent is good, but adaptability is better.

Adaptability is important because it allows one to change their thoughts, ideas, and actions to suit their new environment accordingly. A worker who can manage multiple tasks and assignments by setting priorities and making changes to attitude to better merge with the new culture is vital to a productive workforce.

Arguably, adaptability is more important than talent, especially in the workplace. A talented employee who refuses to look at things in a different light will not be able to contribute as much as someone who is adaptable can. Adaptable people are open to new ideas and adjust to new situations without resisting change.

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