Service With Sincerity


At the core of what the government does is the economic prosperity and stability of the nation to ensure the well-being of the people. And as the machinery that implements the development agenda of the government for the people, the Civil Service must be able to win the peoples’ trust and support as they fulfil their day-to-day tasks. It is only when the people have faith and confidence in the government and in the civil service that they will be more supportive of the government’s agenda and inclined to take an active part in working for its fulfilment.

For all of us who are employed in the Civil Service, the one gratifying thing that will spur us on to do our best in our jobs is when we know for sure that the people are behind us. No matter how difficult the tasks before us are, we know that we can hurdle these challenges when people work support us and work with us.

This can only happen when we serve with sincerity. No one can go against sincerity. Sincerity and professionalism are intertwined. When one is sincere, one is serving without any hidden agenda, or other ulterior motives. Thus, when one disregards honesty and sincerity, one’s professionalism in the job is severely compromised…this is what we want to avoid in the civil service, so as to be true to one of our SCS shared values.

Sincerity breaks down walls of resistance, builds bridges of trust and opens minds to favourably receive and act on ideas, instructions and directions.

When the people we are dealing with sees our sincerity and authenticity, it will be easier for them to listen and accept our explanations or instructions. We will make peoples’ heart feel at ease because they can sense that we understand their situations and we are doing our best to assist them.

That quality of sincerity and authenticity that we need to bring into our work as civil servants is something that is already embedded in each one of us. We are all a part of a family unit, a member of a community and a citizen of a country that we call our own and where we feel a sense of belonging. When we think of what we have in common with others, it will be easy for us to try to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes. Our sense of empathy will naturally bring forth that sincere desire to help others and make a difference in their lives.

As public servants, we work not only for the wages we receive but we have accepted that calling to serve others. We cannot do our tasks grudgingly because that runs counter to our calling as civil servants.

Our work culture is intrinsically built upon sincerity and thus, every one of us must have a work ethic that stresses on sincerity in performing the tasks entrusted to us. Indeed, people who sincerely work will accept responsibility with full pleasure and will always work hard to produce the best work performance.

A sincere person is a wise person. They are wise to use their time productively and effectively and not procrastinate on the work given. A person who is sincere in his work will not expect praise or rewards. Sincerity in performing the task entrusted will reveal good qualities such as patience, perseverance and courtesy in a person.

With these qualities, the person will have resilience in facing pressures in carrying out his duty, will demonstrate calm in handling problems, will be more open when receiving criticisms, will not be illtempered but forgiving and sensible.

When a person who comes to us for assistance encounters a civil servant with these qualities, he or she will feel at ease and will eventually have trust and confidence in us.

The trust and confidence of the people in us is the one intangible asset that we need to have as we continue our tasks of rejuvenating our country’s economic growth and rebuild our communities especially around this time when we are grappling with the effects of the covid pandemic.

We simply cannot afford to lose their trust and confidence in us. The only way we can do so is to serve with sincerity, with our only motivation the collective good of our families, communities and the whole society.

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