Part 1: MLGH OACP to Address Corruption and Integrity Issue in the Ministry


The MLGH OACP 2021-2025 contains six strategies, 10 objectives and 101 initiatives to be implemented to address problems and weaknesses in governance, integrity and anti-corruption in the Ministry.

(The strategy and initiative under the priority areas can be access in the MLGH website)

The possible corruption scenarios are listed under the MLGH OACP.

The plan also taken into account the risks that is happening or had happened in the Ministry as well as covering the risks that is inherent under governance and integrity.

Under the OACP, the ministry has taken into account the possible corruption scenarios that will and can occur in the ministry.

Closing ceremony of MLGH OACP workshop by MLGH Permanent Secretary, Datu Antonio Kahti Galis (Photo credit: MLGH)

Through the OACP MLGJ Workshop conducted from 31 October 2020 to 2 November 2020 in Kuching, six priority areas have been identified. They are;

  1. Finance and acquisition
  2. Human resource and quality
  3. Administration
  4. Control and house licensing
  5. Project/Program management
  6. Enforcement, public health and tribunal

(Source: Ministry of Local Government and Housing)

Implementation of MLGH OACP is as following;

  1. The OACP MLGH 2021-2025 Workshop was held on 31 October 2020 until 2 November 2020 in Kuching involving the heads of each section and unit in the ministry.
  2. OACP MLGH 2021-2025 was launched in Miri on 25 November 2020.
  3. OACP MLGH Roadshow 2021-2025 was organised in March 2021 to introduce the plan to all the officials
  4. The ministry submitted the OACP MLGH monitoring report Term II Year 2021 to the State Integrity and Ombudsman Unit (UNION) on 30 September 2021

(Source: Ministry of Local Government and Housing)

The Head of Department/Top Management in the Ministry or Ketua Jabatan/Pengurusan Tertinggi di Kementerian (JPTO) is responsible for coordinating and ensuring that the development of the OACP as well as implementation of the plan to ensure success and including the success of the OACP in MLGH.

A talk and roadshow on OACP with different sections or units of MLGH (Photo credit: MLGH)

The JP-OACP in the Ministry is constitute of the Head of each Section/Unit whose role is to develop and report directly on the development of the OACP to JPTO in the JAR meeting.

The committee is also responsible for organizing pre-workshop sessions which aimed at collecting hard data/literature review relevant to the data analysis process during the OACP workshop.

Members of this Committee together with the SP-OACP will monitor and report the implementation and achievement status of OACP MLGH to JAR according to the set schedule.

Each officer in the Ministry is highly commitment in implementing OACK MLGH 2021-2025 with the objective of eliminating corruption and misconduct of integrity in the Ministry.

The Integrity Officer is also responsible for ensuring the success of the OACP plan at MLGH.

Through the MLGH OACP, the Ministry is targeting that any risks related to corruption, governance and integrity can be curbed within five years.

The plan will also be improved by adding new risks to the existing ones to ensure the effectiveness of the initiatives.

*    JPTO         –     Organizational Top Management Committee or Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Tertinggi Organisasi

*    SP-OACP       –               Coordinating Secretariat Committee OACP or Jawatankuasa Sekretariat Penyelaras OACP

*    JP-OACP –     Development Committee OACP or Jawatankuasa Pembangunan OACP

*    JAR            –     Corruption Committee or Jawatankuasa Anti-Rasuah

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