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Thursday, 29 February 2024 9:03pm
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Civil Service

Developing Digital Competency for Sarawak’s Civil Service

As the principal backbone of the government machinery and a vital contributor to a nation’s growth and prosperity, the civil service plays an important role in initiating and driving transformation, innovation and productivity of the working population.

SCS Virtual Assessment System for Recruitment

Implemented earlier this year, an AI-enabled SCS Virtual Assessment System for Recruitment was introduced for selection as SCS officers.

An Overview of Public Management

Some people may interchange the term ‘public management’ with ‘public administration’, but they are actually two different fields in relation with the adoption and...

Networked Collaboration Between Civil Service Leaders

Civil service leaders translate complex political objectives such as developmental goals, public health, local poverty or climate change into new forms of policy delivery....

Challenges of Values-based Leadership in Civil Service

Civil service leadership is challenging and complex, as they work across organisational boundaries, sectors and jurisdictions to combat ongoing and emerging policy challenges and...

Integrity System Plays a Major Role in Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

Globally, Civil Service are now under  pressure  to  vindicate  the  sources  and  consumptions  of  public  resources  as  well  as  improving  the  performance  in  their ...

Innovation Drives Civil Service Reform

Enhancement in the civil service delivery and development of citizen centric government models has been one of the main concern of many countries across...

Civil Service Reform Putting People First

Governments must change as the world around them changes. New priorities, developments in information technology, the media and electronic communications and public pressure for...

Sarawak Civil Service KIK Teams obtained 4 gold awards at ICQCC Tokyo 2019

The Innovative Creative Circle (KIK) teams from the Sarawak State Civil Service have once again achieved international success when all participating teams have won...

Civil Service Day 2017: List of Winners

One of the highlights of the annual State Civil Service Day that took place on 13 December 2017 was the award presentation to government...

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