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Adapt and Overcome Challenges

Overcoming obstacles and finding success require action. Success started with improvising, implementing, adapting, and overcoming.

Towards Understanding Shared Meaning

Communication begins by learning to learn about existing knowledge and hopes.

Communication Plays A Central Role in Social Development

Communication is critical in any development process. Beyond its role as an empowerment tool, communication is used to promote people’s participation in development activities.

Communication as Key Pillar of Development

In the context of a multiracial society such as ours, we need to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and at the same time, accurate information is given to everyone regardless of where they are and which communities or group they belong to.

Sarawak Among First States For Malaysia 5G Rollout

As part of Malaysia’s 5G network rollout, Sarawak will be one of the earliest states to be part of the implementation.

Integrating Sarawak Culture in Art and Design Education 

How an art and design programme of a private university in Kuala Lumpur help preserve a native cultural heritage through its teaching and learning.

Soft Skills and Their Myths

While soft skills are vital when it comes to career advancement, we cannot rely solely on them. This is because any occupation, be it technical or non-technical, requires a balance of soft and hard skills.

Communication and Knowledge Vital for Development

Nothing goes without changes in practice and that this change cannot do without mostly by means of interpersonal and group communication. Communication begins by learning...

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