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Digital Governance Allows Organisation Maintenance Its Digital Presence

All organisations have governance within them.

There are many different ways to govern an organization’s digital presence effectively.

The goal of digital governance is to create value for an organisation through accountability. The broad notion of accountability means efficient and effective use of resources to improve the welfare of the organisation.

A good digital governance needs digital governance framework. This Framework will establish a digital development core that ensures our digital presence evolves in a manner that is in harmony with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Most digital governance challenges come from not knowing who’s supposed to decide things.

A digital governance framework isn’t bureaucratic and ineffective.

A digital governance framework is made up of multiple components such as digital strategy, policy, standards, guidelines, processes and team structure.

A digital governance framework is a system that delegates authority for digital decision-making about particular digital products and services from the organizational core to other aspects of the organisation.

The digital governance framework provides that clarity.

With a basic governance framework established, it requires leadership approval to move ahead with the development of policies and standards. Because change is constant, digital governance is an ongoing effort.

With a digital governance framework brings digital development back into balance by separating day-to-day digital production functions and decision making for strategy, policy, and standards.

Although the digital governance framework is well-prepared but very important in optimizing digital development in the organization, basic principles such as Design with User, Understand the Existing Ecosystem, Design for Scale, Build for Sustainability, Be Data Driven, Use Open Standards, Open Source and Open Innovation, Reuse and Improve, Address Privacy & Security and Be Collaborative are taken into account.

This is important because by ignoring these basic principles, it is very likely that whatever digital development is undertaken will inevitably come to a standstill and will affect the performance of the organization.

It has been proven that many digital development projects undertaken end in failure.

The use of the latest technology is not a guarantee that the digital development project will be successful.

In most situations the failure is not only predictable but also preventable.

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