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Sarawak Collaborate With JICA And JST On Biodiversity Research

The State Government will work together with Japan International Corporation (JICA) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) on biodiversity research at protected areas in Sarawak. Under JICA’s, Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS).

Japan Government through JICA and JST will provide fund and expertise on biodiversity research to Sarawak in implementing a research project called The Project on Development of Management Systems for Multiple Utilization of Biodiversity in The Tropical Rainforests at the Protected areas in Sarawak.

The project will be implemented by Forest Department Sarawak (FDS), Sarawak. Under this project JICA will also provides latest research equipment and technologies on biodiversity research to Sarawak.

This project will give opportunities for local research officer to further their study both in Japan and local universities.

The Government of Sarawak through the Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Resource has signed a memorandum of understanding with JICA to implement the project on 23rd April 2020.

The implementation of the project was supposed to start in 2020 but was delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic. In early February this year JICA has assigned Mr. Tsuyoshi Kanda as its Project Coordinator to manage and coordinate the project implementation.

He will be attached to Forest Department Sarawak for 2 years, from February 2021 until January 2023. With the arrival of Mr. Tsuyoshi Kanda, the project has officially started.

During Mr. Tsuyoshi Kanda courtesy visit to the Forest Department Sarawak, the Director of Forests, Datu Hamden bin Haji Mohammad expressed his gratitude to JICA and hope that researchers in Sarawak will benefit through this project.

He also hopes that JICA will continue to collaborate with Sarawakian future. Mr Tsuyoshi Kanda as representative of the project hoped that the project will run smoothly and looking forward to work together with all relevant officers.

Datu Hamden bin Haji Mohammad, Director of Forests (far left), Mdm.Hjh. Mohizah binti Mohamad, Assistant Director, RDID Division, Mr Saiful Amri, Head Corporate and Media Unit, Mr.Paulus Anak Meleng, Senior Research Officer (far right) and Mr.Tsuyoshi Kanda, reprensentative of the project JICA (seated)

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