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Thursday, 29 February 2024 7:36pm
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Delivering Better Services

Today’s civil servants are addressing problems of unprecedented complexity in societies that are more pluralistic and demanding than ever. At the same time, the systems and tools of governance are increasingly digital, open and networked.

Service with Sincerity

A sincere person is a wise person. They are wise to use their time productively and effectively and not procrastinate on the work given.

JBALB Hoping For More Feedback From The Public

The partnership between the Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) and the media is vital to disseminate accurate information in a fast and efficient way to members of the public.

Be In the Know of The History Of SPANS

SPANS was established on 1 November 1961 in accordance with the provisions of The Sarawak Order in Council 1961.

Privatisation Might Not Benefit the Public

The justification for privatisation is that private companies are able to do the job better, cheaper and more effectively than the government. In this...

The Ethics in Serving the Public Interest

The term public interest refers to the wellbeing or welfare of the general public and the act of serving for the benefit of public...

The Emergence of Public Interest Technology

In the United States, a network of colleges and universities are in the midst of building an emerging field that aims to address issues...

Public Interest Journalism

Public interest journalism often refers to reporting matters of social relevance, which is information that the public has a right to know about. In...

Defining ‘Public Interest’

A search on the Internet and one might find various meanings of ‘public interest’. For example, Black’s Law Dictionary defines the term as “The general...

Important skills needed to serve the public interest

The public sector is an organization run by the government and is funded by the tax payer’s money. This may include anything from schools, hospitals,...

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