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Digital Era

Data and Innovation Remain Vital in Sarawak’s Digitalisation

Sarawak will innovate using data to increase productivity, develop high value products, improve safety and environmental conservation

Protecting Sarawak’s Critical Information Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats

Protecting the Sarawak Critical Information Infrastructure is important as it may affects various sectors and industries. Without protection, sectors such energy, agriculture, logistics and transportation, public and welfare services, telecommunication, water treatment, eCommerce and many more are vulnerable to attacks.

Sarawak Perluas Penghubungan Siber di Seluruh Negeri

Sarawak memberi tumpuan sepenuhnya terhadap perlaksanaan jaringan penghubungan jalan agar rangkaian penghubungan siber termasuk infrastruktur 5G dapat dilaksanakan selepas itu.

Digitalisation to improve service delivery of the Sarawak Labour Department

This article explores the digitalisation initiatives by the Sarawak Labour Department to improve their service delivery to the public.

Enhancing The Connectivity At Ng. Sekukut, Kapit through SMART

The Sarawak Multimedia Authority Rural Telecommunication (SMART) was recently launched at Ng. Sekukut, Kapit.

The Evolution of Malaysia’s e-government Service Delivery

This article explores the evolution of Malaysia’s digital journey towards digitalisation of service delivery systems.

MRANTI Park To Spur IR4.0

Malaysia witnessed the launching of the new Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) Park Master Plan on 6 October by the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Meter Pintar Tingkat Perkhidmatan Pelanggan Dan Kecekapan Operasi

Projek Meter Pintar Sarawak Energy adalah sebahagian daripada inisiatif grid pintar untuk meningkatkan perkhidmatan pelanggan dan kecekapan operasi di mana ia adalah bertepatan dengan Strategi Pendigitalan Sarawak.

Sarawak Among First States For Malaysia 5G Rollout

As part of Malaysia’s 5G network rollout, Sarawak will be one of the earliest states to be part of the implementation.

Continuous Acceleration Towards Shaping Innovation Ecosystems

Whether in Malaysia in particular or the world as a whole, the importance of innovation ecosystems in driving socio-economic progress has become more prevalent than ever before.

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